Welcome to the Little Lakes of Western New York!

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Our Store

In Our Store you will find items for sale that help fund not-for-profit organizations in the Little Lakes Community.

Ira Briggs

True Stories & Tall Tales

Ira Briggs is selling copies of his latest collection of stories to help benefit the Little Lakes Community Association in its efforts to rehabilitate the Hemlock School as a Community Center. All proceeds from the sale of his book will go to “Save the Hemlock School”.

Ira Briggs is a character. A mile-a-minute talker with a fascination for the past, Ira has been collecting bits and pieces of local history for just about his entire life.

Finally, at the urging of his editor and friends, Ira decided it was time to publish this collection of stories about his family and the people of Hemlock NY. Purchase price is $15.

Contact Us to buy Ira’s book.


Dean Falkis

Bluebird Boxes

The Springwater - Webster Crossing Historical Society is selling bluebird boxes as part of a fundraiser to help fund the excellent museum in downtown Springwater New York.

The bluebirds will be here before you know it. They migrate north in the early spring.

The boxes are made of pine and hemlock which is sourced locally. Bluebird Nestboxes are $20 ea. 100% of the purchase price benefits the Springwater - Webster Crossing Historical Society’s Museum. Pick up in Springwater on or about 1 APR 2017 for orders placed soon.

Email Dean Faklis with questions and to order: dfaklis@frontiernet.net

Contact Us to buy Dean’s bird boxes.