Welcome to the Little Lakes of Western New York!

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Our Goals

The main goal of the Little Lakes Community Association is to provide the community with information and resources to enhance their enjoyment of the Little Lakes region of New York State. Some additional goals are:



The School Building in Hemlock NY.
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Rehabilitation of the Hemlock School

The Little Lakes Community Association intends to repair, improve and modernize the Hemlock School house and re-open it as a community center. Some small businesses will also be invited into the building who wish to rent space.

The School building on Main street at Hemlock NY is a landmark building and has stood since 1928. It was built then to replace an earlier wooden building which was built in 1914.



The Little Lakes Sustainability Network.
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Partnership with Little Lakes Sustainability Network

The Little Lakes Community Association will work with the Little Lakes Sustainability Network to learn about and use sustainable practices as the Hemlock School building is improved and remodelled.

The Little Lakes Sustainability Network is a community group that strives to promote sustainable practices in our daily lives.



Habitat for Humanity.
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Partnership with Habitat for Humanity

The Little Lakes Community Association will work together with the Habitat for Humanity by providing a “labor pool” for houses that are being build in the Little Lakes region.

The Habitat for Humanity of Livingston County is a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International that seeks to eliminate sub-standard housing. They are committed to helping local, low-income families finance and construct their own affordable homes.